"Tiny" PC's

All the power of a desktop computer in a "tiny" pacakge

If you are looking to replace your computer and want to get back your leg-room or valuable space on your desk without sacrificing the flexibility of a desktop computer, than a "tiny" PC is just what you need.

While keeping the ability to use more than one monitor (of your choice) and flexible customizability without sacrificing your space, a tiny PC represents the latest in small-footprint power. As many people have already learned, an all-in-one PC is not the best option when it comes to saving spoace. You give up the ability to use the monitor of your choice (both in size & in capability) and, in many cases, the ability to use more than one monitor. Additionally, there are less options avaiable for most all-in-ones that would not void your warranty. To make matters worse, when either the system or the screen go bad, you are forced to scrap the whole thing and start over. Just because your monitor goes bad shouldn't mean you need to give up your computer, too!

Below, you will see a list (from amazon.com) of tiny PC's recommend.
(please note - some of these are "bare-bone" systems - meaning you would need to order your memory, hard drive and Windows separately. If you are not sure what configuration would be the best for your needs, please contact us for help)

Tiny PC's


Custom Tiny PC

(build your own)

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Of course, there are many more combinations and options. Far too many to be listed here.
As always, contact us before purchasing to help find the best fit for you.