HWiNFO64 v5.38-3000
Creation Time02.05.2017 14:29


[Current Computer]
[Operating System]

Central Processor(s)

[CPU Unit Count]
Number Of Processor Packages (Physical):1
Number Of Processor Cores:2
Number Of Logical Processors:2

Intel Core 2 Duo E4500

[General Information]
Processor Name:Intel Core 2 Duo E4500
Original Processor Frequency:2200.0 MHz
Original Processor Frequency [MHz]:2200
CPU ID:000006FD
CPU Brand Name:Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20GHz
CPU Vendor:GenuineIntel
CPU Stepping:M0
CPU Code Name:Conroe-2M
CPU S-Spec:SLA95
CPU Thermal Design Power (TDP):65 W
CPU Max. Case Temperature (Tcase_max):73.3 C
CPU Type:Production Unit
CPU Platform:LGA775 (FC-LGA6)
Microcode Update Revision:A4
Number of CPU Cores:2
Number of Logical CPUs:2
[Operating Points]
CPU LFM (Minimum):1200.0 MHz = 6 x 200.0 MHz @ 1.1875 V
CPU HFM (Maximum):2200.0 MHz = 11 x 200.0 MHz @ 1.3250 V [Locked]
CPU Current:2200.0 MHz = 11 x 200.0 MHz @ 1.3250 V
CPU Bus Type:FSB (QDR)
[Cache and TLB]
L1 Cache:Instruction: 2 x 32 KBytes, Data: 2 x 32 KBytes
L2 Cache:Integrated: 2 MBytes
Instruction TLB:4 KB Pages, 4-way set associative, 128 entries
Data TLB:4 MB Pages, 4-way set associative, 32 entries
[Standard Feature Flags]
FPU on ChipPresent
Enhanced Virtual-86 ModePresent
I/O BreakpointsPresent
Page Size ExtensionsPresent
Time Stamp CounterPresent
Pentium-style Model Specific RegistersPresent
Physical Address ExtensionPresent
Machine Check ExceptionPresent
CMPXCHG8B InstructionPresent
APIC On Chip / PGE (AMD)Present
Fast System CallPresent
Memory Type Range RegistersPresent
Page Global FeaturePresent
Machine Check ArchitecturePresent
CMOV InstructionPresent
Page Attribute TablePresent
36-bit Page Size ExtensionsPresent
Processor NumberNot Present
CLFLUSH InstructionPresent
Debug Trace and EMON StorePresent
Internal ACPI SupportPresent
MMX TechnologyPresent
Fast FP Save/Restore (IA MMX-2)Present
Streaming SIMD ExtensionsPresent
Streaming SIMD Extensions 2Present
Multi-Threading CapablePresent
Automatic Clock ControlPresent
IA-64 ProcessorNot Present
Signal Break on FERRPresent
Virtual Machine Extensions (VMX)Not Present
Safer Mode Extensions (Intel TXT)Not Present
Streaming SIMD Extensions 3Present
Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3Present
Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.1Not Present
Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.2Not Present
AVX SupportNot Present
Fused Multiply Add (FMA)Not Present
Carryless Multiplication (PCLMULQDQ)/GFMULNot Present
CMPXCHG16B SupportPresent
MOVBE InstructionNot Present
POPCNT InstructionNot Present
XGETBV/XSETBV OS EnabledNot Present
Float16 InstructionsNot Present
AES Cryptography SupportNot Present
Random Number Read Instruction (RDRAND)Not Present
Extended xAPICNot Present
MONITOR/MWAIT SupportPresent
Thermal Monitor 2Present
Enhanced SpeedStep TechnologyPresent
L1 Context IDNot Present
Send Task Priority Messages DisablingPresent
Processor Context IDNot Present
Direct Cache AccessNot Present
TSC-deadline TimerNot Present
Performance/Debug Capability MSRPresent
IA32 Debug Interface SupportNot Present
64-Bit Debug StorePresent
CPL Qualified Debug StorePresent
[Extended Feature Flags]
64-bit ExtensionsPresent
RDTSCP and TSC_AUX SupportNot Present
1 GB large page supportNot Present
No ExecutePresent
Bit Manipulation Instructions Set 1Not Present
Bit Manipulation Instructions Set 2Not Present
Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (AVX2)Not Present
Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (AVX-512)Not Present
AVX-512 Prefetch InstructionsNot Present
AVX-512 Exponential and Reciprocal InstructionsNot Present
AVX-512 Conflict Detection InstructionsNot Present
AVX-512 Doubleword and Quadword InstructionsNot Present
AVX-512 Byte and Word InstructionsNot Present
AVX-512 Vector Length ExtensionsNot Present
AVX-512 52-bit Integer FMA InstructionsNot Present
Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) ExtensionsNot Present
Software Guard Extensions (SGX) SupportNot Present
Supervisor Mode Execution Protection (SMEP)Not Present
Supervisor Mode Access Prevention (SMAP)Not Present
Hardware Lock Elision (HLE)Not Present
Restricted Transactional Memory (RTM)Not Present
Memory Protection Extensions (MPX)Not Present
Read/Write FS/GS Base InstructionsNot Present
Enhanced Performance String InstructionNot Present
INVPCID InstructionNot Present
RDSEED InstructionNot Present
Multi-precision Add Carry Instructions (ADX)Not Present
PCOMMIT InstructionsNot Present
CLFLUSHOPT InstructionsNot Present
CLWB InstructionsNot Present
Platform Quality of Service Monitoring (PQM)Not Present
Platform Quality of Service Enforcement (PQE)Not Present
FPU Data Pointer updated only on x87 ExceptionsNot Present
Deprecated FPU CS and FPU DSNot Present
Intel Processor TraceNot Present
PREFETCHWT1 InstructionNot Present
AVX-512 Vector Bit Manipulation InstructionsNot Present
Protection Keys for User-mode PagesNot Present
OS Enabled Protection KeysNot Present
AVX-512 Deep Learning Enhanced Word Variable PrecisionNot Present
AVX-512 Deep Learning Floating-point Single PrecisionNot Present
[Enhanced Features]
Thermal Monitor 1:Supported, Enabled
Thermal Monitor 2:Supported, Enabled
Enhanced Intel SpeedStep (GV3):Supported, Enabled
Bi-directional PROCHOT#:Enabled
Extended Auto-HALT State C1E:Enabled
MLC Streamer PrefetcherNot Supported
MLC Spatial PrefetcherNot Supported
DCU Streamer PrefetcherNot Supported
DCU IP PrefetcherNot Supported
Intel Dynamic Acceleration (IDA) Technology:Not Supported
Intel Dynamic FSB Switching:Not Supported
Intel Turbo Boost Technology:Not Supported
Programmable Ratio Limits:Not Supported
Programmable TDC/TDP Limits:Not Supported
[Memory Ranges]
Maximum Physical Address Size:36-bit (64 GBytes)
Maximum Virtual Address Size:48-bit (256 TBytes)
Range 0-100000000 (0MB-4096MB) Type:Write Back (WB)
Range 100000000-120000000 (4096MB-4608MB) Type:Write Back (WB)
Range 120000000-130000000 (4608MB-4864MB) Type:Write Back (WB)
Range D0000000-E0000000 (3328MB-3584MB) Type:Uncacheable (UC)
Range E0000000-100000000 (3584MB-4096MB) Type:Uncacheable (UC)